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Visa Requirements of Hong Kong

Nationals of more than 170 countries and territories can come to Hong Kong for short visits visa-free (ranging from seven days to 180 days). If a visitor wants to stay longer than the visa-free period allowed, he/she must apply for a visa before travelling to Hong Kong at either the nearest Chinese diplomatic and consular mission or by mail or to the Immigration Department directly by post or through a local sponsor.

Visit Immigration Department website for more information on visa requirements for travelling to Hong Kong.

Discover Hong Kong

A unique blend of East and West, old and new, Hong Kong is one of Asia’s top tourist destinations for holidays. With its high-end shopping malls to bustling street markets in Kowloon, numerous bars and restaurants to vibrant nightlife spots, ancient Chinese Temples to glass-curtained skyscrapers, colourful festivals to diverse museums, neon-lit streets to verdant countryside, and other sightseeing spots, Hong Kong is not only a food paradise but a city of contrasts and colour.

Visit the Hong Kong Tourism’s Board website for travel tips and latest events, or the BrandHK’s website for events.