Environment and Cost of Living


Hong Kong offers a wide variety of living spaces and environment for expatriates, from luxurious apartments in the city centre to the lovely houses in the quiet suburbs and rural areas. Some hotels and property management companies also offer service apartments. Property consultants are engaged for rental and sales services.


Hong Kong has one of the best and most efficient public transportation systems in the world. It has a pristine, state-of-the-art urban metro system called the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) as well as an efficient inter-city (including direct train to Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing) and commuter train services operated by the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation. Buses, ferries, mini-buses and taxis all offer efficient services.

Buying and running a car in Hong Kong can be an expensive feat. Depending on location, parking spaces can cost from US$200 to US$600 a month. Drivers need to possess valid driving licences and purchase third-party insurance.

Further information on public transportation, traffic regulations and car ownership can be found on the website of the Transport Department.


There are about 40 international schools in Hong Kong. They offer curricula from around the world, which allows expatriate children to continue education under the system of their home countries. This includes schools that offer the UK curricula. InvestHK has a help desk that offers assistance to any expatriate parent who needs help in this area.

Health Care

Both the private and public hospitals and clinics in Hong Kong offer quality services at reasonable fees. It is not compulsory to purchase health insurance in Hong Kong. Some insurance companies have special packages with extended local coverage that supplement your home-country coverage. You may wish to check with your existing insurance provider before you leave. There are also lots of insurance companies in Hong Kong that provide comprehensive health and life insurance.

ESD Life

ESD Life is an e-service offered through a private-public partnership scheme. The website provides a convenient portal for both government and commercial services and products.

Further information

To find out further information on the cost of living, please visit Census and Statistics Department website.