Hong Kong Government Tender System

In Hong Kong, the Government procures contracts of goods and services through a tender system. The Hong Kong SAR Government is a signatory to the World Trade Organisation Agreement on Government Procurement (WTO GPA). The objective of the WTO GPA is to provide for open and fair competition amongst domestic and foreign suppliers of goods and services. The principles underlying the procurement system of the Hong Kong SAR Government are consistent with the spirit and objectives of the WTO GPA.

Procurements are open to all suppliers, local and overseas. The objective is to have a transparent process and get the best value of goods and services for the people of Hong Kong. The Procurement Division and Supplies Management Division of the Government Logistics Department operates an Electronic Tendering System (ETS), which provides information on tenders and allows companies to submit their tender offers electronically. The system provides round-the-clock services and is electronically secured.