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Hong Kong – Lithuania

Hong Kong and Lithuania continues to strengthen their bilateral relationship. The merchandise trade between the two economies amounted to US$0.3 billion in 2019. The average annual growth rate from 2015 to 2019 is 26.0%. Hong Kong also played a significant role in the trade between the Mainland of China and Lithuania. Around 17.8% or US$0.2 billion of the total trade between Lithuania and the Mainland of China routed through Hong Kong in 2019.

In 2019, Hong Kong’s main exports to Lithuania were tobacco (88.9%); slide fasteners (7.0%); and tulles, lace, embroidery, ribbons, trimmings and other small wares (2.6%).

High-level governmental and trade visits in recent years underscore the deepening ties between the two places. In 2016, the former Prime Minister of Lithuania, Mr Algirdas Butkevičius, visited Hong Kong and met with the then Chief Executive, Mr CY Leung, at Government House. In 2014, the former Lithuanian Minister of Economy, Mr Evaldas Gustas, visited Hong Kong and attended the official launch of the Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.

From Hong Kong, in 2016, the then Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Mr Gregory So, paid an official visit to Vilnius and met with key government figures in Lithuania at the time, including the former Prime Minister, Mr Algirdas Butkevicius, the former Minister of Economy, Mr Evaldas Gustas, the former Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Raimundas Karoblis, and the former Vice-Minister of Culture, Mr Arnas Neverauskas. He also visited the Vilnius University Joint Life Sciences Centre, the Visoriai Information Technology Park and a start-up accelerator.

In 2019, 4453 visitors from Lithuania visited Hong Kong.

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